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President of Brazil attends new pope's inaugural mass

Criado em 19/03/13 11h31 e atualizado em 25/03/13 12h20
Por Renata Giraldi Edição:s Fonte:Agencia Brasil

Vatican – President Dilma Rousseff is in Rome along with many other Latin American and world leaders to attend the inaugural mass by the new pope, Francis – the first from Latin America.

Dilma said she hoped that Pope Francis would comprehend the different options that people adopt. She added that the modern world calls for such comprehension.

She praised the pope's initiative to help the poor, calling it a significant position. “Of course, in the world today, concern for the poor is important. But there is also a need for people be comprehended and that their differences be understood."

She added that Pope Francis had an important role to play in world affairs.

Dilma said that having a pope from Latin America was an honor.

Editors: Lilian Beraldo / Nira Foster
Translation: Allen Bennett

Creative Commons - CC BY 3.0

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